Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Porter Reservoirs - Grand Mesa 9/25/2015

I took the day off and decided to check out a place I'd not been to for at least 25 years.  The last time I was here was with my dad, who has since passed on.  We had to leave a 4 wheeler up here due to being caught in a rain storm.  This road has the worst "gumbo" mud on the planet.  It completely stopped the wheels of one of our ATV's.  We had to ride up the next day and bring it out.  Although the post is titled Porter Reservoirs; most locals will still call them the Davies Reservoirs.  They used to be great fishing.  However, I learned from a couple locals in the area that the lakes were completely drained a couple years ago and all fish were lost.  Supposedly they have stocked them since, but I saw no evidence of fish.  I was looking at hunting potential as well as fishing.  This is a very rough road and taking my ATV was the only way I was going up there.

On the way up - fall colors are just underway.  I saw trucks of hunters up here with generous amounts of Colorado "pinstriping".  Here's a section that will definitely result in some scratches.  The oak brush was intent on yanking me off the 4 wheeler.

A few mallards enjoying a pond along side the road.

First stop was Morris Reservoir.  It was very low and I did not see any evidence that it still held fish. I've caught some incredible brook trout from this lake.

So, I then headed on up the mountain to Lower Davies lake - or Big Davies as we called it.  Again, it is very low and no sign of fish.

So, it's on up to Upper Davies, or Little Davies as we called it.  Again, low water and no sign of fish.

In between the two lakes is a cabin.  I was surprised to see it still standing.  I've stayed in this cabin several times.  My dad, myself, and Cortie Blackburn used to drive the old two wheel drive pickups up here and spend the night in this cabin.  The road is so rough and full of mudholes in the summer, that getting stuck was a given.  We had some great times in this cabin.  Cortie was a "snorer" and he would literally make the walls of the cabin shake.  But, Cortie could catch fish when no one else could.  He was a "dyed in the wool" fisherman.

A shot through a broken window.  The outside is defnitely gettin in.  It looks the same as it did back in the 60's and 70's.

After rekindling memories it was back down to Duggart Reservoir.  It was the only one that was full. I met some nice hunters from Wisconsin that were camped at the lake.  They had not seen any evidence of fish.  Sad!  But, there were some nice colors around the lake.

Lots of fall beauty.

Fall was getting underway in fine fashion!

One last shot!  It was great to get back up there.  Memories were rekindled.  I enjoyed sitting by the lakes and reliving fishing there with my dad and Cortie.  I'm not sure I'll ever go back - we'll see.  If there were still brookies in there like there used to be; I'd be willing to endure the torture of that road. But, until I know they are back, I think I'll just enjoy the photos of a great trip.  Once again - thank you Lord for great memories of great trips, great people and scenery beyond compare!  I'm blessed!