Monday, August 26, 2013

Ice Lakes Hike June 2013

I had the great pleasure of hiking to the Ice Lakes with some good friends from New York City - Matt & Kim.  I met them a couple years ago on Youtube and have hiked with them the past two years.  They are great friends and great company on hikes.  I'd been to the Ice Lakes before and couldn't resist taking them there when they asked me to make a hike suggestion.  I drove up to their camping spot well before sunrise and we then drove the few miles to the trailhead and were off.  There was still great sunrise light on the peaks above.

Many water features are along this trail.  Matt & Kim posing by one of the waterfalls.

 More waterfalls!

Some mine remains.

Colorado Columbines - the state flower and also my favorite wildflower.  Golden Horn is in the center in the background.

 More streams and abundant Colorado blue sky!

Golden Horn - top center - it is very prominent behind Ice Lake.  The trail goes up under the large cliff in the picture center.

And still more streams!  Just a hundred miles east of here the largest fire in Colorado history was burning.  Hard to believe!

More flowers along the way providing relaxing beauty on a steady uphill grind.

And finally - Ice Lake - it was the most incredible blue that I've ever seen it.  These lake photos are not altered.  It was a mesmerizing blue.  I had the pleasure of being right at the spot where people would come over the hill and view the lake for the first time.  Lots of ooohs and ahhhs.  This hike is quite the tourist attraction; though many don't make it due to the altitude gain and distance.  Those that do; get a rare treat.  One young man from West Virginia told me; "I didn't even know such a color as that existed."  Needless to say; Matt & Kim were in awe as well.  No sights like this in New York City.

The blue of the lake and the Colorado sky made an incredible setting.  It was almost like a campfire - you just can't look away!

 The view back down the valley where we started.

The stream that feeds Ice Lake, surrounded by Parry's Primrose and Marsh Marigolds.  Golden Horn towering in the background.

Acres of if the lake itself wasn't enough reward for the hike.

Looking back east - cumulus clouds of smoke from the wildfire.

It was a splendid day - one that will be treasured in the memory halls forever.  Thank you Lord!