Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Photography Hike May 15, 2019

Photography Hike May 15, 2019

My goal on this hike was wildlife photos. But I forgot that the turkey hunters were out in force. So, big critters didn't show themselves. So I just shot what caught my eye 

Lone Cone was looking good. 

Flowers were everywhere. 

Looking on up the mountain. 

An obliging chipmunk. 

A squirrel that had an ear and eye injury. 


Lots of bear tracks and scat. 

New life...

And death...

More dandy views. 

And my way home awaits. What a blessed day! Maybe next time the big critters will not be so shy. 

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Hike 5/11/2019

Hike May 11, 2019

After the hike in the last post, I convinced the Lady to hike with me to the same spot. She enjoyed herself and I really enjoyed her company. Things had dried out a bit from a few days ago. It was a fantastic day. We ended it by finding a nice spot in the tall ponderosa trees where we built a small camp fire and roasted hotdogs. What a treat as camp fires were not allowed most of last year. Most of these photos were taken with my GoPro. 

The happy hikers. 

Evening Primrose were everywhere. 

First pond

Old snag overlooking the canyon. 

Spring growth everywhere. 

The main pond with those nice brook trout. 

Log jam on a seasonal pond. 

Cloud reflections on a pond with lots of croaking frogs. 

Parting shot of the canyon on the way back out if the hole. 

Hike 5/6/2019

Hole Hike May 6, 2019

This a hike I usually do earlier. But, with the prolific snow this year I couldn't make it. I also often fish the main pond for those gorgeous brookies. But I was nearly positive the pond would have gone dry last year. Yahoo, it didn't and there were fish rising in abundance. It made me regret leaving my rod in the vehicle. I'll go back soon with rod in hand!  It was a great day in God's great outdoors. About 5 miles round trip - very easy. 

An abundance of Spring Beauties

Several bear and mountain lion tracks.

Glorious day...though it rained on me toward the hike's end. 

Yellow violets

The main pond. 

Temporary pond and water everywhere. 

Many water holes over the trail that will dry up soon. 

Elk hair. There was an abundance of fresh elk tracks, but I didn't see any elk making them. 


Spring popping out everywhere.