Monday, December 31, 2018

Taylor Park Ride

We bought a "new to us" Jeep Wrangler in May and have been enjoying every back road in our neck of the woods.  This trip has more roads than we can shake a stick at.  Surprisingly, I didn't take that many photos...just enjoying the outdoors I guess!

Spring Creek cabin - I love these old structures and wish these walls could talk.  I'll bet they'd have some interesting stories.

The Jeep high in the Rockies.

Lots of high views

Sad part is this was a very dusty ride.  The roads were powder.  There hasn't been any rain up here in weeks. Lunch spot.

Taylor River and the Collegiate Range.  The Lord is an amazing creator and artist...I just try to copy His work.

Cimarron West Fork

Went for a ride and photo journey up the Cimarron.  It was a beautiful day with plenty of amazing views of these mighty mountains and God's creation.

White columbines

Chimney Rock high overhead

Lupines - a forecaster of summer!

Mule deer doe munching belly high grass

Coxcomb and Redcliff

Hiking for Wildlife Photos

This outing was trying to get some wildlife photos.  I didn't run on to any big game, but did get a couple bird photos.  It was fun regardless.

Pine cones in the making

A columbine - my favorite wildflower.


Fritillary butterfly