Friday, October 23, 2015

Bear Creek Trail Hike with grandsons 9/12/2015

As you can probably tell from my previous posts, I really enjoy hiking with my grandsons.  I think they enjoy it as well - at least they are always eager to go.  None of them had ever been on Bear Creek.  I love the trail, but don't like the hoard of tourists that use it in the summer months.  So, September tends to thin them out and it's mostly locals you see then.  My daughter-in-law had said I would never take her sons on this hike, after she had seen previous photos of the cliffs and ledges that the trail follows.  But, they are older now and more cautious.  I've hiked with them enough that I felt they were ready.  They were spending the week with us while their mom and dad were hunting. So, we decided it was time to tackle this one.  Since I've been on this trail several times, I mostly shot video so I could make a video for the boys on Youtube.  So, a lot of the pictures are actually Gopro frame grabs.

First, a trailhead shot.  Dylan (front) is giving it the somber look.  He'll get wound up shortly.

Soon the trail begins going up the switchbacks.  A lot of this area is slate type rock.  It sounds like walking on loose ceramic tile.  After the switchbacks, the fun begins.  Breathtaking drop-offs and views.

More cliffs with a little rock cribbing to keep the trail from getting too narrow.

Watch your step fellers!

Cliffs with alcoves - very cool!  Note the logs behind the bush in the lower center.  Who would walk across those?  NOT ME!  I'm guessing that was part of the way the trail used to be when used by miners.

Another one of those "faith tester" bridges.  I trust the Lord, but am not sure I trust man's bridge.  I think I'll avoid it.

Grizzly Bear Mine - how did they get this stuff in here without heavy equipment.  There are tons of cast iron mine equipment.  Those folks were ingenious and tough.

Having some fun at Grizzly Bear Mine.

About halfway up there's a side jaunt to a small waterfall.  It's surprising how many people miss it. Anyway, it's a great place to "cool the dogs" and chuck a few rocks.

After the waterfall, there are some nice aspen sections.  What a beautiful day to hike and enjoy family!

Next up is Yellowjacket Mine.  I was surprised to see the main building still standing.  I figured it would have collapsed under winter snows by now.

It's definitely showing its age.  It won't be long and it will give in to the weather.

Yellowjacket Mine.  Potosi Peak in the background.  Dylan - zeroed in on me with his hiking stick.  Glad it's not loaded because I'm sure he'd have a "hair-trigger".

Headed back down.  Several spots were showing signs of fall colors.

Straight up and straight down - no in-between here!

I can see why the tourists like this country so much.  I do too.  Thank you Lord that it's in my "back-yard".

Wow - you don't get views much better than that!

We're headed back down the switchbacks.  Ouray is in the background.  A fantastic time was had by one and all.  Thanks guys for coming along.  I can't get enough of hiking with you!