Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Little Cimarron Colors Ride 9/26/2015

This post doesn't involve hiking, but just an outing anyone can do up the Little Cimarron River.  Usually the fall colors up there are fantastic.  So, we decided to check them out.  The colors this year have been off in timing and intensity.  The prolonged heat of September, along with an abundance of rain in the summer have affected the fall plumage.  They say that the abundance of rain sometimes leaves the aspens with a temporary mold/fungus that causes the leaves to turn brown versus yellow or to leave them with many black or gray spots.  I've seen a lot of leaves like that this year.  But, it doesn't matter, it's still beautiful anyway.  So here are a few shots of our trip.

Joann and I cooking up some hotdogs by the river.

A brook trout - just before he darted into the under-bank.

Fall is definitely in the air.

Mixture of green and gold - collision of seasons!

Great views.

A doe giving us the "once over".

A golden road.

Nice vista.

A couple of yearlings we met - they look like trouble.

Thank you Lord for another opportunity to enjoy your beautiful creation!