Friday, June 23, 2017

Hiking & Fishing Grand Mesa 7/22/16

"Take only memories, leave only footprints."
Chief Seattle

One of my favorite past times (next to hiking of course) is fishing.  It is even better if a hike is involved.  I especially like remote mountain lakes or rivers.  Butts Lake is a favorite destination dating back to childhood.  As a young feller in my 20's my dad and I had Wednesdays off in the summer.  Each week we would load up our little 8' aluminum boat on a bicycle wheel rack and drag it up to Butts.  We had some great times and made memories that will never be lost.  Dad is gone now, but I still often return and still enjoy it like yesterday.

Wildflower show on the way up the trail.

Passing Little Eggleston Lake

Colorado Columbines - my favorite wildflower.

Butts Lake - the fishing was poor.  But the scenery and flood of memories was priceless.  I had an unusual treat of a fighter jet going back and forth across the mountain.  Since Butts is tucked in against the Craig's Crest cliffs, there were times I wouldn't even hear him coming.  He was very low and the rumble would make me jump every time.  Hey....maybe he scared the fish!  Who knows? It was a great day anyway.

Part of the problem may have been that it was so still.  The water was like a mirror.  That usually does not bode well for fishing.

But, all in all, there was no way to find fault in this day.  Thank you Lord!