Thursday, June 29, 2017

Fishing Big Blue 7/9/2016

"There's always time for one more cast!"

I got a new Tenkara rod for Father's Day.  I was looking for the perfect stream opportunity to test it out.  Big Blue Creek seemed like the spot and this day seemed like the time.  I only caught a couple small brookies.  That Tenkara stuff is definitely fun and has a bit of learning curve.  Since I was alone I took my SPOT signaling device with me.  Somewhere in that maze of willows I lost it.  I had been all over through there and felt there was no way I could ever retrace my steps and find it.  Prayer seemed to be the most logical thing to I did.  I then began trying to retrace my paths and realized that was completely impossible.  It all looked the same.  But, after about 15 minutes of wandering, I poked through a tangle next to the creek and there it was.  My heart was full of wilderness stream fishing and thanksgiving.  It was a beautiful day!

Penstemon on top of the Alpine Plateau on the drive to the stream.

The willow maze where I lost my SPOT - temporarily.  Thank you Lord!

Wow this stream is "purdy".  Post-card purdy!

I'll be back and hike on up this creek!  Several years ago I hiked up it to Slide Lake.  But, I didn't fish on that outing.  I will on the next run.