Friday, July 31, 2015

Baldy Peak 5.29.15

I'm so far behind on this blog that it's downright pitiful!  It's been an attempt to chronicle my hikes and outdoor stuff.  But, who has time for blogging when you're outdoors.  Anyway, this hike has been on here before but on a different date.  I happen to like it alot.  I usually have the whole trail to myself!  However, every trip into the wilderness, whether in new territory or old, is always a treat and always new and always something to be thankful for.  This trail is near Ouray, CO, up the Cutler/Dexter Creek Road.  The road officially ends in Thistle Park, but during low runoff times you can travel on across Cutler Creek and go up the road a bit further.  It's always a good choice for wildlife.  I've never been in the area without seeing wildlife.  So, here we go!

The trailhead

Heavy rain the night before left the trail very soggy.  Shortly my feet were wet, so it didn't bother me where I stepped after that.

Higher up things began to dry a bit due to the slope.

I wish I could have seen this bear - it appears to be a hefty one.  It had walked up the trail for several hundred yards.

View back to the southeast.

Zoom shot of Wetterhorn Peak to the east.

Higher up on the trail looking back to the Sneffels Range

Western Tanager - what a creative artist the Lord God is!  Getting out in nature just makes Him seem nearer as His handiwork is visible everywhere you turn.

Going higher - looking to the southwest.

Couldn't pass up including this old snag in a shot.  It's stood through so many storms.  Who knows how long it can last as it's right on a very windswept slope.  That's perseverance!

New fern shoots were just emerging.

Pasque Flowers were popping up everywhere.  Nature was really beginning to put on a show!

Zoom shot of Mt. Sneffles - about 8-10 miles away.  This has been one of the snowiest Mays on record for the San Juan Mountains.  Before May, we were looking at a shortage of irrigation water.  By the end, there was an abundance and all reservoirs were full.  Thank you Lord!

View down into the Uncompahgre River valley where Ouray is situated at the end of the valley.

I don't think much of the "selfie" craze now days.  This is as close as I'll likely get.  Posing on top of Baldy Peak.

Headed down and showing more of that abundant snow off to the east.

More of the trail.

Though it's the end of May, everything is behind up here.  The aspens are just beginning to get leaves big enough to "quake".

As I got back to my pickup, there was a greeting committee.  Kind of a scragly looking bunch right now - but they'll be looking better soon!

Lastly, a Gopro timelapse from my lunch spot.